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23rd November 2014
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Fedden Village is a private gated community in Portishead Somerset, consisting of the old Nautical School, Black Nore Point, Chaplains Wood and surrounding homes. Fedden-Village.com independently supports the community by supplying information services.

This website is not associated with property management or management companies.

Completely on their own, a group of residents within Fedden Village have banded together to provide a mail collection service. Post deposited in the red post box is collected daily M-F after 12:00pm and taken to a Royal Mail Post Box in Portishead. Plans are underway to extend the service to a 5:30pm collection on a regular basis. Volunteers provide the service for free, and users are at their own risk. This service operates independent of any property management company.

The community mail collection service is an example of the Fedden Village community coming together to help their aged, invalid and housebound neighbours and provide a service that is beneficial to all of us. Tel 01275 817017

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